Pomegranate Dance
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Pomegranate Dance

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Finished Size 85" square


Materials Needed:

4 yards assorted tan fabrics for background
(you will need a total of sixteen 17” squares)

1 yard red print fabric for lattice, inner border and
squares in outer border

2 yards tan print fabric for outer border (this is for pieced

1 yard green print fabric for bias stems

2 ½ total yards of assorted red print fabrics for appliqués inside blocks

½ yard total of assorted green print fabrics for appliqué leaves inside blocks

1 ¼ yard gold or mustard print fabrics for appliqués inside blocks

5 yards backing fabric (vertical seam, the backing will be pieced)

2 ½  yards 90” wide Warm N’ Natural cotton batting

6 yard fusible webbing 

Basic Quilting Supplies: Scissors, rotary cutter, matt, ruler, tape measure, safety pins (if you chose not to use thread for basting), straight pins, iron, sewing machine, thread 

***the material amounts specified above are the minimums needed.  When in doubt purchase more! Purchasing 1/8 and ¼ yards of the assorted fabrics for the blocks is a great way to have a large assortment of fabrics for this quilt..


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