Quilters Ridge


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Finished Size 44" Square


Materials Needed:

Wool Fabrics needed:
6" square red plaid for flowers in center of design
8" square red for flowers in each corner of the design
4" square lighter red for flower centers on blue flowers
9" square orange for flowers and accents on tips of red flowers
on the outer corners of the medallion block
8" square mustard yellow for flower centers on red flowers
in the center of the medallion block and centers on blue
8" square mustard plaid wool for flower accents on large orange
flowers and centers on red flowers located in the corners
of the medallion block
6" square purple wool for small flower buds and center accents on
red flowers in each corner of the center medallion and also
the centers on the red flowers in the very center of the medallion
7" square blue wool for flowers
18" square green for leaves and stems

20" square light tan fabric for medallion center
1/4 yard first inner border fabric (this fabric is also used in the corner squares on the middle/2nd border)
5" square blue fabric for corner squares on the first inner border
1/2 yard fabric for large triangles in center of quilt
1/4 yard stripe fabric for 2nd / inner border
3/4 yard outer border fabric
1/4 yard outer border corner fabric
1/3 yard binding fabric
2 2/3 yard backing fabric - with seam being placed either vertically or horizontally
***We used Valdani size 12 Pearle Cotton floss color O540 in our project which is an antique black/green shade. ***Size 24 Chenille needle
***1 yard Lite Steam A Seam 2 or other fusible web product can also be used in this project if you prefer. If not - freezer paper is recommended for tracing your pattern shapes
***52" square batting

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